Foreign Depositions





If you need to depose someone living or working in Utah (or request documents) you must have a Utah subpoena issued in order to enforce the request. This procedure is fairly simple.

The Utah District Court requires an Application if the originating state has passed the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act or a Notice if the originating state has not passed the Uniform Deposition and Discovery Act (if you don't know if your state has passed an act you may locate that information through the Uniform Law Commission, along with the documents specified on the corresponding Application or Notice. These documents and the requirements can be found at Utah Courts Website. Send the appropriate documents and $35.00 (made payable to Utah District Court) in order to open a miscellaneous file. You may then issue any number of subpoenas (providing they follow Rule 45's requirements) at no cost through the court.

The filing of your Notice of Deposition and issuing of the subpoenas can be done via direct mail with the court of jurisdiction. Or, you may utilize our services to prepare the subpoena for you and have it issued by the court. The only thing we ask is that you provide the names and addresses of the witnesses and their deposition date and time.

The location of the deposition is at your discretion, but the deposition must be within the county where the deponent lives or works. We can offer to be the deposition address ONLY if documents are being produced. We have a conference room and can arrange court reporters to swear testimony.

If you need the names of court reporters, you may call us or contact the court of jurisdiction in Utah.

Our service fees are as follows:

Salt Lake County
  Courier fee $35.00
  Routine service of process $55.00
  Rush        Add $40.00 
Davis County, Tooele County, Utah County, Summit County
  Courier fee $45.00
  Routine service of process $65.00
  Rush         Add $40.00
Weber County, Wasatch County
  Courier fee $55.00
  Routine service of process $75.00
  Rush        Add    $40.00 
Subpoena preparation $35.00 per witness

Witness fees of $18.50 are required in Utah when demandng a witness appear at a deposition (not for document production).  We automatically issue all witness fee checks required. 



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